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  1. Hello 🇩🇪 18.10.2017
    From now on beside writing posts in 🇬🇧, some of them will also appear in 🇩🇪 and vice versa. I’m looking forward to also write 🇩🇪 blogposts here in the near future.

  2. House Renovation - Diagnosis and Consultation 28.09.2017
    This first part of my blogpost series about diagnosis and consultation. Diagnosis We started the house renovation early this year and our diagnosis part lasted for many months and here is why: We had a few things on our todo list we wanted to have been done during this renovation like renovating two bathrooms, getting new windows and doors and others we didn’t, like removing the old floor and getting new screed.

  3. House Renovation 28.09.2017
    House Renovation - Blogpost series Some time ago I asked on twitter whether some of you might be interested in a series about house renovation and some write up of all those things me and my family gone through the last nine months. Hat hier jemand Interesse an einem Blogpost zum Thema #Sanierung im #Altbau? Könnte mir vorstellen darüber zu schreiben… #sanierung2017 pic.twitter.com/1PYXLyQcTG — Andreas Sander (@andi1984) 5. Juli 2017

  4. CSS Quantity Queries 27.09.2017
    Hi, today I want to talk about a handy CSS snippet for day to day usage. The CSS Quantity Queries! How to use? I don’t want to give you the full background or insight into those. Especially as Heidon Pickering has done this already in a great A List Apart article. Let’s say you have an unordered list <ul> <li>1st</li> <li>2nd</li> <li>3rd</li> </ul> you want or need to style somehow different depending on the quantity of list items in it.